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How To Find The Best Ankle Straps For Cable Machine

by Evelyn Valdez

When it comes to building muscle and getting stronger at the gym, cable machines are perfect because they offer resistance throughout the full range of movement. Even though they’re primarily used for upper-body exercises, they’re also great for leg days – you just need a good pair of ankle straps!

Your gym might have some lying around, but they're probably flimsy, and uncomfortable, and someone's always using them when you want to! Getting your own pair will ensure you get a high-quality ankle strap for gym that you don't have to share with anyone.

Keep on reading for tips on how to find the best ankle straps for your gym workouts and how to use them, so you can have a more effective and comfortable workout the next time you step into the gym!

Tips for choosing your ankle straps

Buy them in pairs

If you think all ankle straps come in pairs, you’d be wrong! A lot of times, ankle straps are sold individually since you only ever use them on one foot at a time, so you just switch it when you’re done with one side and onto the other.

However, buying them in pairs will help you avoid all the hassle of having to come to a full stop to switch the strap from one side to the other and then adjust it to the new ankle. By getting the pair, you can just wear them both at the same time and simply move the pulley from one foot to the other when you’re ready for the next set!

Pick a sturdy material

This one should be a given, but you don’t want a pair of ankle straps made from a flimsy material that won’t last you more than 6 months. Fitness gear is meant to be durable and last you a long time, so picking a sturdy material with strong stitching is a must!

This is particularly important because you’ll be moving a lot of weight with those ankle straps when doing your heavier lower-body sets, and you definitely don’t want the steel D rings to get ripped out of the fabric during one of those reps.

Make sure they have internal padding

An important feature when it comes to choosing the best pair of ankle straps for the gym is getting a pair with soft internal padding that won’t hurt your ankles during the constant movement when you’re lifting heavy weights.

If your ankle straps don’t feature a padded interior, then you’ll risk getting uncomfortable to the point of having to remove the straps because they’re rubbing against your skin. Always choose straps with soft, comfortable internal padding that protect your ankles throughout the full duration of the set.

Choose easily adjustable ones

All ankle straps are adjustable, but some are trickier or more difficult to adjust than others, which can turn into a hassle if you’re just trying to finish your sets but your gear isn’t cooperating.

A good pair of ankle straps will hug your ankles comfortably without being too tight that it hurts or too loose that it dances around your ankle. You’ll want an easily adjustable material such as velcro to be able to adjust them as you please without having to spend 5 minutes figuring it all out!

Get them in your favorite color

Alright, this isn’t actually a key feature that you need to look for when buying ankle straps, but having fitness gear in your favorite color just makes working out so much more enjoyable – especially if they go well with the rest of your gear!

At UPPPER, we wanted our lifting gear to stand out from the rest – not just in terms of quality and performance! Our widely loved, best-selling lifting gear is available in a range of colors so you can look and feel your best during your training. Check our collection of Ankle Straps that are comfy, durable, and stylish.

How to use your ankle straps

After choosing the best pair of ankle straps for you, the next step is putting them to good use on the cable machine the next time you’re ready to hit the gym for leg day. Simply wrap them around your ankles, adjust them so that they are just tight enough, attach them to the weighted pulley, and you’re set!

When in use, these straps help target all of your major leg muscles, such as your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. This, paired with the constant tension that the cable machine offers, makes ankle strap exercises incredibly effective.

Talking about ankle strap exercises, here are our top 4 movements using UPPPER Ankle Straps:



A few of our favorite ways to use our Ankle Straps. Which movement is your go-to?

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Take your gains to the next level with ankle straps

If you’re ready to maximize your lower-body workouts and utilize the cable machine to its full potential during your strength training days, make sure to take a look at UPPPER Ankle Straps and pick your favorite pair to add to your gym bag – and if you already have UPPPER gear, you can pick a color that matches it!

Our high-quality ankle straps are designed with your comfort in mind, featuring everything you’d ever need for an effective workout. They come in durable and easily adjustable pairs with a vegan leather exterior and soft internal padding, plus a bunch of color options for you to choose from.

Check out our ankle straps and more at UPPPER.

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