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8 Fun Ways to Move Your Body More

by Evelyn Valdez

So you're stuck at home with nothing to do because of the coronavirus and it's frustrating. We feel you. The coronavirus outbreak has caused many cities to enforce social distancing, staying in, and only going out for essentials. This means a lot of public places, like gyms, are closed for an unknown period. All those times you joked about skipping the gym have come true! Now, you really have to skip the gym!

Sadly, for a lot of us the gym was a place to release stress and tension, help keep us level-headed, stay fit, and healthy. But we have to do our duty and stay in and ride out this pandemic in the best way that we can!

Some people thrive being indoors, but being stuck inside can get boring pretty quickly. Even if you work from home it can become difficult to stay focused on a task. That's all because our bodies need to move for our physical AND mental health! But since we are forced to stay in, we have to start figuring out ways to move around and stay active. Which is why I created a list of creative (and fun) ways to move around while you're stuck at home! I understand that we all have different lifestyles and living situations which is why I made sure to have various options. That way there's something to do for everybody!

1. Get your spring cleaning done

This is the best time to finally clean out the closet you've been wanting to organize, clean your gym equipment, or maybe to really deep clean your kitchen and clean out your junk drawer. Whatever cleaning you've been putting off, it's time to get it done! 

Here's what you can do: Create a list of things you've been wanting to clean up or organize, then slowly check them off your list. You don't need to do it all at once, take it day-by-day. One day focus on the kitchen pantry, another day focus on your closet, and so on. That way you don't get overwhelmed at once and stay consistently busy. 

The greatest part of this, besides having a clean house, is that your body is moving! 

2. Get some fresh air

Fresh air is good for your health and soul, especially when we are required to stay inside as much as possible. Cities that are sheltering in place are allowing time outdoors like going on walks, running, etc. But you must keep social distancing in mind and stay at least 6 ft away from people that are outside of your household. So if you live in an area that lets you go out for walks, then do it! Just read up and your city's rules before heading out!

For those with backyards, it's even easier! Get some fresh air by working outdoors, doing an outdoor workout, or maybe get a new hobby like gardening. The point is, spend some time outdoors. 

Don't forget to take your hand sanitizer with you, even if you're just going on a walk! Also when you return home, take off your shoes, put your clothes in the laundry, and wash your hands. It's better to be safe than sorry!

3. Set a recurring alarm to exercise

Pick 5-10 exercises to do 10 reps of and set an alarm for every 2 hours or space it out however you want. Here's an example of 8 exercises you can do 10 reps of: Jumping jacks, burpees, glute bridges with UPPPER resistance band, squats with UPPPER resistance band, mountain climbers, toe touches, jumping squats, and push-ups. There are so many more bodyweight exercises that you can do so you can pick a few and create your own circuit! 

Your body needs to stand and move around and setting an alarm throughout the day will help get you moving when you're not even thinking about it! Create a routine that doesn't overwhelm you, keep it short and simple. 

4. Walk and talk

Whenever you talk on the phone, whether it's work or personal, walk around the house or your backyard! If you have a long, non-video conference call that doesn't require you to talk a lot then walk around the house, do some lunges, or some squats. 

A lot of us are going to be away from friends and family, so take this opportunity to give them a call while you're cleaning or stretching outdoors! The point is, walk around when you're on the phone so you can get some extra steps in!

5. Play with your kids and/or siblings

This one is obviously for people with kids or anyone that lives with kids. As you know, kids cannot stay still. Even when you put on their favorite show or movie, they'll get bored after a few minutes! Take some time out of your day or work schedule to play with your kids.

Some fun things to do are: 

  • Play in the backyard - Get creative, build something together, garden together, or just kick a ball around!
  • Get them to move around - Play simon says, play hide and seek, practice yoga together, practice gymnastics, do a scavenger hunt.. Find a physical activity your kid enjoys and do it with them!
  • Cook together - This is a great time to teach your kids how to cook, it'll help with their boredom and teach them something valuable. Ask what they want for dinner or lunch and teach them how to make it. Make it extra fun, and make a dessert together!
  • Read their favorite book and act it out - Little kids love hearing stories. Make it fun by acting it out for them. It will keep them entertained and will have your body moving.

6. Stretch every morning

Set up an alarm every morning and spend the first 5-10 minutes stretching. A morning stretch routine can...

  • Improve brain activity
  • Decrease body aches
  • Help wake and loosen up muscles
  • Increase your energy levels throughout the day

The best thing of all, it starts your day off on the right foot! Do a few stretches like head rolls, cat and camel, downward dog, etc. Find what works for you and make it a routine every morning. 

7. Set up a challenge for yourself

Have you been wanting to learn a new skill? Maybe it's being able to do 10 perfect push-ups, or being able to hold a 2-minute plank, or becoming a yoga expert. Whatever it is, this is the perfect time to set up a little challenge that you can practice every day. Track your progress on a notepad or on your phone. This will give you something to work on every day and it will give you confidence seeing the progress you've made.

8. Cook a gourmet meal

Cooking can be time consuming and requires standing for a long period of time... This makes it a great activity to do during quarantine! Once or twice a week try a new recipe. Browse through Pinterest or Instagram, there are so many free, delicious and healthy recipes on the internet.

It will keep you entertained, up and moving, and your family members will thank you for it!

Just because we are ordered to shelter in place, does not mean that we have to stop moving around. The easiest thing people do is binge-watch Netflix, and there's nothing wrong with that... We all do it! But just remember to take a break from the TV and social media to move around and don't forget to get your brain active too! Here's a few ideas for that:

  • Read a new or old book from your bookshelves
  • Do a crossword puzzle
  • Play board games with your loved ones
  • Listen to a informational podcast while working

Hopefully this list gives you new ideas of fun ways to move around the house so you can stay active and entertained while you're stuck inside! For those that need some home workout equipment that is portable, lightweight, and helps you tone up then check out our UPPPER Resistance Bands. They are the perfect accessory for lower body workouts, even better.. You can create a bundle of 3 long and short bands and get the third one half off!

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