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Fit With Iulia: Why it should be your go-to fitness app

by Evelyn Valdez

Don't have a workout buddy? A fitness app is the next big thing! But if you've taken a look at the app store recently, there are hundreds of workout apps to choose from, it's a bit overwhelming. We haven't tested (nor can we) every single app in the market, but we do have the inside scoop on one that is unlike any other fitness apps - The Fit With Iulia app. 

Before we dive into all the amazing stuff Fit With Iulia offers, let's give you some background on how the app came to be...

For those who don't know, UPPPER Fitness Gear was founded by Iulia Danilova, and if you haven't guessed it, she's Fit With Iulia! So, Iulia started documenting her newfound love for strength training on Instagram (@fit.with.iulia) and gained a following as she made insane progress. Her workout videos were bombarded with questions on how she started training, or how she got so fit, or how she was confident to hit the weights at the gym. Instead of answering the same question over and over again, she created the Fit With Iulia app to help other women on their strength training journeys! This app is more than just workout videos, there are many features that make it stand out amongst the rest. These features make it easier for you to get to the gym, workout, practice good form, progressive overload, and now, new features that even make dieting easier!

Here's a quick overview of the best things about Fit With Iulia:

  • Get new goal-focused workouts planned every week by Iulia herself!
  • You can track your progress directly on the app - enter weight, reps, and sets for any given exercise.
  • All workouts are available in offline mode, meaning you can download workouts and follow along without the use of WiFi.
  • You can document your meals and track your macros directly on the app, no need to use two different apps at once!

There's so much more to love about this fitness app, and we're here to give you all the details so you can see for yourself!

Fit With Iulia App Features

Fit With Iulia has evolved since it first came to be two years ago... From a workout app that only featured workout videos to an app that gives you all the necessary tools you need to practice important fitness principles and good nutrition. The app is constantly evolving and making updates necessary based on customer feedback and the current times! In fact, they've recently launched their biggest update yet which included a whole new look, Summer Challenges, and Kitchen (meal planning and macro tracking tool/your personal food journal). And that's on top of the already amazing features it has!

Here are the best Fit With Iulia app features that will make your fitness journey stress-free and successful:


Fitness is never-ending work. Someone doesn’t just stop working out once they achieve their weight loss or muscle-building goals, they continue to work out, but with a different plan. The intensity and passion remains the same, except there isn’t an “end date” to achieve a specific fitness goal. That’s what Iulia’s Goals are – Workout plans that are never ending, but constantly changing.

So, when you’re not challenging yourself to hit a specific goal in a specific amount of time, you can access Iulia’s six Goals, which she personally plans and updates every single week.

There are six of them in total:

  • Build Muscle at the Gym
  • Lose Body Fat at the Gym
  • Build a Booty at the Gym
  • Tone Up at the Gym
  • Lose Weight at Home 
  • Tone Up at Home

The workout routines consist of mainly weightlifting, but they also include cardio, HIIT, and core workouts for those with weight loss/fat loss goals! But the greatest thing about these workout programs is that you don't always have to follow the same plan. For example, if you can't make it to the gym, but you've been following the Lose Body Fat at the Gym goal, then you can try one of Iulia's home workouts, like Lose Weight at Home. Iulia also implements appropriate training splits, so you don't use the same muscle groups back-to-back. All you have to do is schedule your rest days!


Challenges are something completely new at Fit With Iulia! Challenges are great for those who want a workout plan that has a set time limit, or end date, to see what they can achieve in that time frame. Iulia’s Goals & Workouts can only be accessed through a subscription, Challenges on the other hand can be purchased separately ($49.99)! Those who purchase the Challenges will have access to the Fit With Iulia app, minus Goals & Workouts, for 120 days. Which means those who purchase for access instead of subscribing will be able to utilize Kitchen (the macro tracking tool that we’ll cover shortly), Progress Tracking, History, and Activity to help ensure they have the tools to have a successful challenge! They will also be able to keep the Challenges forever. Anyone subscribed to FWI also has access to any current challenges, but they lose access to it once they cancel or when the challenge is over.

So, what are the current challenges?

Iulia is kicking off this new feature with two Summer '21 Challenges - Home & Gym! They were both put together by Iulia herself and feature a 90-day long workout schedule that implements proper training splits, and rest days to minimize the risk of overuse injury and burnout. Sometimes you need a challenge, something that'll push you outside of your comfort zone, and help you be a better you - Iulia's challenges do just that! Well, that and help you get some amazing results 😉 


You can’t outrun – or outlift - a bad diet. Kitchen is designed to help you with the other important part in fitness – Diet and nutrition!

What is Kitchen?

It's a space that helps make tracking your macros and meals easier! When it comes to working out to achieve weight loss or other fitness goals, you want to have two things - an effective training plan and good nutrition. Working out is the easy part, diet and nutrition is the hard part that everyone struggles with. This is why Fit With Iulia created Kitchen! 

One of the reasons people can't stick to diets is because oftentimes they're too restrictive and boring! And in some cases, they might not even provide your body with the nutrients it needs for optimal exercise performance and recovery which you'll need if you're following Iulia's high-intensity workout routines! So, instead of just giving you a boring and restrictive meal plan, FWI calculates your macros and allows you to use Kitchen to create your own healthy meals based on your target macros! 

Once you subscribe, there are two ways to access your Kitchen:

  1. Calculating your macros using the Fit With Iulia Macro Calculator – The FWI Macro Calculator will ask you a series of the utmost important questions, including age, weight, height, body fat percentage, body type, activity level, and fitness goals.
  2. Completing a 5-day assessment – This entails an in-depth assessment to get target macros that are more personalized to how you already eat! It involves a five-day period in which you will need to add everything you consume. The app will calculate the total calories and macros consumed, save them, and at the end present you with an assessment summary about your actual macro results.

After you’ve received your macros using the Macro Calculator, or starting your five-day assessment, you’ll be redirected to your Kitchen!

You'll see your target macros up top, and below that is your space to Plan and Journal! Plan is the spot where you can plan meals ahead of time or input them as you go using their expansive food library. This is meant to help make it easier for you to plan your meals according to your macros. In fact, they make it even easier by giving you food recommendations as you search through the food library! You can search the recommendations by Carbs, Fats, and Proteins to make it easier for you to find the macros you need most. They'll even indicate whether it’s gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, vegetarian, healthy, somewhat healthy, or not healthy! So, essentially Plan is where you want to plan all your healthy meals, and all your entries are saved under your Journal!

This feature is awesome, and something not many other workout apps provide, but should. Diet and nutrition are the most important part of a fitness journey, and not having good nutrition will make it even harder for the results to come. The Kitchen will help you fine-tune your diet in a way that's enjoyable for you, but also gets you the results you’ve been wanting while helping you build healthier eating habits.

Progress Tracking

One of the most important fitness principles everyone should be practicing is progressive overload. This principle involves increasing the demands on the musculoskeletal system to keep challenging your body so it can continue building muscle, get stronger, and increase muscular endurance. Progress tracking makes practicing progressive overload so much easier!

Iulia already gives a recommended set and rep range to follow, but not everyone is the same fitness level which means most will be using a different weight and adjusting the recommendations to fit their needs. Instead of writing down the number of reps, sets, and weights used on a separate Note app, you can do it directly on the app!

Simply swipe up on any given exercise, enter the number of reps and sets completed, along with the weight used. The next time you perform that exercise those numbers will repopulate so you know exactly what you need to increase to challenge your body a little bit more than last time! This feature is designed to make recording your training session progress even easier, plus you can go to your Profile to access your exercise History and Activity. History and Activity is something you can look at when you need some motivation to keep you going because it'll show you all the amazing progress you've made. You can also use these tools to help you break through a workout plateau! You can take a look at what exercises you've done and any stats that you filled out during progress tracking to determine what you need to change to add more of a challenge to your workout routine.

Exercise Alternatives

One thing about UPPPER and Fit With Iulia, we always listen to customer feedback! Iulia has received messages in the past about not being able to perform some of the given exercises, due to injury or not being at the appropriate fitness level. This feedback led to a new feature - exercise alternatives! 

Now, certain exercises will have a button that will take them to a list of alternative exercises that will include similar exercises that target the same muscle groups! That way you have options in case you don't have access to the suggested equipment or need something more beginner-friendly.

Offline Mode

Want to work out outdoors? Or maybe the WiFi at the gym is spotty? Fit With Iulia has your back! You can workout anywhere and everywhere by downloading the Goal or Challenge (if purchased) of your choice. Download the workout you want to try before heading out, and launch the app whenever you're ready to start working out without using up your data or any WiFi!

All of these features are designed to help working out and dieting less stressful, and more effective. In fact, some of the best benefits of the app are what lead you to fitness success!

What are the benefits of using a fitness app?

Besides all the amazing features, using the Fit With Iulia fitness app can be beneficial in other ways, like...

  • It helps you stay consistent with your workouts: Most people don't take time to plan their workouts, most do it in their head as they're on their way to the gym. Not planning your workouts is not going to drive effective progress, and it can also lead you to just skipping the gym whenever you don't know what to workout! Apart from being more effective, having planned workouts means you'll always have something planned which will give you the motivation to stay on top of your workout schedule! Plus, it's kinda like having a gym membership, there's a subscription fee (smaller than a gym fee) which means you don't want your money going to waste.
  • It can help you discover new healthy foods to try: Kitchen recommends healthy ingredients by macros so you can easily search for a food with the specific macro you’re lacking that day. This is a great way to discover new foods, spices or sauces that you might’ve never tried before! Whenever you need more carbs to hit your carb intake goals, simply go to recommendations to see what you can eat or make to meet your goals!
  • It can give you the confidence you need to finally hit the weights at the gym: Starting a new fitness plan, specifically one that involves weightlifting, is scary for a lot of people, not just women! Fit With Iulia helps take all the guesswork out of strength training, and makes it approachable. The app provides you with workout videos for every exercise, detailed written instructions, and even photos to help ensure everyone's form is good - beginners and advanced lifters. And Iulia plans all the workouts with exercises that drive results, so any beginners won't have to think twice about whether the exercise they're doing is effective or not. You'll have everything you need in the palm of your hands, no personal trainer needed!
  • It can help build self-discipline: Once you're consistent with your workouts you start to form the habit of working out which builds self-discipline! Actually using the Kitchen to plan and track your meals will also form healthy eating habits, and the habit of planning meals and cooking your own meals at home! All of this leads to building better self-discipline which in turn will lead to fitness success!

Just remember, the Fit With Iulia app gives you the tools you need to be successful, but it's up to you to actually use and implement them!

How to get started

As you can see there is no other fitness app like Fit With Iulia. Not only has Iulia been able to make insane progress, but she wanted to help others do the same, and she has! So, if you’re ready to join the Fit With Iulia fam and take your health and fitness to the next level, there are two free ways you can get started:

  1. Try the first workout of any goal for free – no subscription required. Simply download the Fit With Iulia app, go to Goals & Workouts, pick the goal that best fits yours, and start working out with Iulia!
  2. Subscribe to activate a free 7-day trial! After you try one of Iulia’s workouts and fall in love, activate your free trial by subscribing to get full access to the app for free the first seven days. You’ll have a week’s worth of workouts to try, have access to the Kitchen, and all the other cool features on the app!

After your free trial is up you can stay and be a part of the Fit With Iulia fam, or if it wasn’t the right fit, you can cancel before the payment is withdrawn. But we are confident you’re going to love everything the Fit With Iulia app has to offer, and don’t forget to get some UPPPER Gear to help support your intense workouts 😉

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