New & Trending: Barbell Pads, Lifting Belts, Lifting Straps

New & Trending: Barbell Pads, Lifting Belts, Lifting Straps

by Evelyn Valdez

We started 2021 with a BANG - By introducing our 2021 Winter Collection, which features beautifully designed long and short resistance bands. However, we were working on something else at the same time… Something for those who love to lift heavy, but with a little bit of style.

As you may know, designs and colors are our thing. We don’t believe lifting gear needs to be all monotone colors and no style. Although we love the classic black lifting belt or lifting straps, sometimes we want something that matches our outfits or our personalities! So, to add to our already colorful collection of Barbell Pads, Lifting Belts, and Lifting Straps, we’re introducing three new colors! 

Without further ado, let’s introduce what’s new:

  • The Grey Collection: For those who prefer a simple, yet sleek look we’ve added a soft grey color to our Barbell Pads, Lifting Belts, and Lifting Straps.
  • The Lavender Collection: Our Lavender Resistance Bands were such a huge hit, we had to create a whole matching lifting set! You can now add a dash of cuteness when you lift by using our Lavender Barbell Pad, Lifting Belt, and Lifting Straps.
  • The Red Collection: We’ve added a fiery, bold red color to our Barbell Pads, Lifting Belts, and Lifting Straps. To help maximize your workouts by providing the support you need to lift heavy!

A Closer Look 

Aside from giving you a closer look at the beautiful new colors, we’ll give you a few tips on effective ways to use each of these products! That way you can see which ones you need to add to your gym bag (we’re thinking one of each)

The Lifting Belts

red lifting belt

Our Grey, Lavender, and Red Lifting Belts are designed to support heavy weightlifting exercises that way you can break records and build strength and muscle effectively! They are made with high-quality vegan leather that is designed to be breathable and resistant against abrasions (won’t wear down fast)! They also feature internal padding for comfort and support, and a double prong metal buckle to help keep it secure.

They come in three sizes:

  • Small - 36.75" x 4" / 93cm x 10cm
  • Medium - 40.25" x 4" / 102cm x 10cm
  • Large - 44.5" x 4" / 113cm x 10cm

We highly advise you to measure your waist before placing an order. We want to create the best customer experience possible, so instead of having to deal with exchanging your belt for a different size, measure your waist and use our size guide to help you decide which size is best for you:

  • Small - Waist 23" - 29" / 58.5cm - 73.5cm
  • Medium - Waist 28" - 33" / 71cm - 84cm
  • Large - Waist 32" - 37" / 81cm - 94cm
grey lifting belt

How do they work? 

Just to give you a quick rundown, weightlifting belts are meant to be work around the waist to provide a wall for your abs to push against and increase the intra-abdominal pressure. In short, this is what helps provide support for your spine to help stabilize it and prevent it from hyperextending or bending and twisting. Thus, allowing you to lift heavier while reducing your risk of injury.

When should I wear a weightlifting belt? 

Despite contrary belief, you don’t need a lifting belt for every single strength training exercise. You should mainly use them when you’re performing maximal or submaximal lifts or exercises that cause the back to hyperextend. This includes…

As you can see, lifting belts are an extremely useful tool for anyone strength or weight training. But they don’t have to be dull and unstylish! Now you can brighten up your workout routine with a Red, Lavender, or Grey Lifting Belt!

The Lifting Straps

Our Grey, Lavender, and Red Lifting Straps are designed to protect your grip to allow you to hold on to heavier weights without it slipping out of your hands. 

What are lifting straps used for? 

The main purpose of lifting straps is to help secure the weight to your hand in a way that helps reduce grip fatigue. This in turn allows you to concentrate on finishing any heavy pulling exercise instead of worrying about your grip giving out at the last second. So, not only will they help you lift heavier, longer, they also reduce your risk of an injury happening!

When should I wear lifting straps?

Only use weightlifting straps for heavy pulling movements, not pushing movements. 

Here are a few common exercises straps are used for:

  • Deadlifts - Romanian deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, any other deadlifting variations
  • Rack pulls
  • Dumbbell or barbell rows
  • Shrugs  

As you can see, lifting belts and lifting straps go hand-in-hand which is why we wanted to include the same colors throughout our entire product inventory. So, you can create your own lifting set by either using the same color combination or changing it up! For example, using our Pink Lifting Belt with the Lavender Lifting Straps. There are so many different ways to mix and match!

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The Barbell Pads

lavender barbell pad

Barbell pads are a must-have for barbell exercises! Our Grey, Lavender, and Red Barbell Pads are designed with comfort and protection in mind. It features a thick (1.5”) foam padding that has a comfortable vegan leather wrapped around it to secure it in place and secures safely to the barbell with the Velcro lining provided. 

Why should you use a Barbell Pad?

red barbell pad

First, and foremost, comfort. A heavy barbell can turn your workout into a miserable one and can discourage you from adding another plate to avoid discomfort and bruising. Trust us, no one wants an uncomfortable workout experience! Barbell pads designed to ease the pressure from the weight of the bar by preventing direct contact of your body with the bar. This helps reduce pain and bruising on your upper back and hips. Thus, helping you have a better and more comfortable workout experience. And allowing you to hit records on your Hip Thrusts and Squats!

The second and last important reason to use one is to reduce unwanted injuries. Barbell pads add comfort and support which helps prevent the bar from slipping or falling and potentially causing you pain and damage. It also minimizes bruising that can happen from direct contact with the bar.

When should you use a barbell pad?

This must-have strength training tool can be used for a number of different barbell exercise, including:

  • Hip Thrusts
  • Glute Bridges
  • Good Mornings
  • Squats
  • Lunges

They can be used with pretty much any exercise that requires the barbell to be placed on your shoulders or hips! So, don’t be afraid to increase the weights and hit records, you’ll no longer have to worry about any unwanted pains with our Grey, Lavender, and Red Barbell Pads!

There you have it - Three new colors, three new ways to maximize your heavy lifting sessions in style! Our new collection is live so you can mix and match to create your own UPPPER lifting gear set and start breaking records 😉


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