UPPPER Summer 2021 Collection – Daydreaming of Paradise

UPPPER Summer 2021 Collection – Daydreaming of Paradise

by Evelyn Valdez

The collections of your Summer dreams is here – UPPPER Summer 2021 Collection! Our previous release only included Barbell Pads, Lifting Straps, and Lifting Belts… This time we turned our focus to resistance bands, but of course we threw in a new Barbell Pad and Lifting Belt in an exclusive colorway 😉

We have love for simple, classic, and bold colors, but we like to be (not just think) outside of the box. Resistance bands and lifting gear doesn’t have to exclusively be in one color only, it should be fun, and match your style! Which is why we create fitness gear that you can match to whatever mood you’re feeling or outfit you’re wearing! So, to keep that momentum going we created our Summer Collection, inspired by nature, paradise and shades of sage green.

What’s new?

Three new nature inspired designs for our Short and Long Resistance Bands, plus a White/Green (exclusive new color) for our Barbell Pads and Lifting Belts.

This is a truly magical and beautiful collection that we are very excited to share with you! Now, let’s take a closer look at the line-up…

Short Resistance Bands

Introducing our three new babies…

Aquarelle – Light Resistance Band

This is a light resistance band that is reminiscent of your water painting days as a little kid! Light resistance bands is great for all fitness levels because it provides just enough resistance that your muscles have to work against to feel a little burn! It’s the perfect tool for warming up your legs before hitting your heavy leg day. You can use it for glute activation exercises like squats, glute bridges with hip abductions, side walks, and more! It’s also great for home workouts or taking it on the go when you’re traveling and want to get a quick pump in. Aquarelle is an extremely versatile resistance band that is a gym bag and home equipment must-have!

Oh and in case you didn’t know, all of our bands are made with a custom fabric blend that feature a non-slip grip on the inside to ensure that they stay in place so you can have a comfortable and safe workout.


Palma – Medium Resistance Band

palma medium resistance band


Palma is a personal fav because it’s a medium resistance band… and its embroidered with cute palm leaves all over the band. To remind you of a time when you were surrounded by the beautiful nature, like laying on a beach surrounded by tall, beautiful palm trees. It’ll almost make you forget that you’re actually at the gym!

The beautiful design aside, Palma gives your lower body muscles a medium resistance to work against. Some like to use it for glute activation to really get the glutes fired and pumped up before heavy squats and deadlifts, but others like to use it for lower body home workouts. The resistance is good enough to give your legs a proper workout even if you have limited equipment at home! You can do walking lunges, reverse lunge to curtsy lunge, squats, side leg raises, or use them in addition to dumbbell Romanian deadlifts and other exercises. Trust us, Palma will give you the challenge you need, whenever you need it!


Green Ombré – Heavy Resistance Band

green ombre heavy resistance band


Green Ombré is designed to give you a heavy challenge, but the cute color helps ease the pain a bit! This is a heavy resistance band made for more advanced lifters who need an even greater challenge either at home or at the gym. The heavy resistance will help to isolate your lower body muscles and give it a big challenge to work against in order to strengthen and build muscle. You can create an entire lower body workout at home using only Green Ombré (but we recommend using all three 😉) or use it in your gym workouts.

We know that resistance bands seem only like a home workout tool, but there are so many ways to use them in your gym workouts too! One great way to integrate Green Ombré or any of the bands above in your gym workouts is by using them to create supersets! For example, you can perform a set of Hip Thrusts with your usual number of reps, and finish off by doing glute bridges with Palma, Aquarelle, or Green Ombré (if you really want to feel the burn) for 10-15 reps. Superset workouts are a great tool to use if you want to practice progressive overload, but don’t want to increase the sets, reps, or weight yet. Plus, they’ll bust your workout boredom!

So, not only are our bands beautiful, they’re also extremely versatile and will help maximize your workout efforts!

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Long Resistance Bands

Aquarelle, Palma, and Green Ombré are also available in our Long Resistance Bands – but at different resistance levels!

Aquarelle – Medium Long Band

aquarelle long medium resistance band


The same beautiful design, different band and resistance. Aquarelle is a long medium resistance band that is extremely versatile! Our favorite way to use them is for dynamic warms up before your upper body workout! Use them for band pull aparts, lat stretches, overhead lat pulldowns, and more. You can also use them to stretch your hamstrings before leg day, create a full-body workout at home, or use them in combination with free weights at the gym!

Heads up, the resistance in long bands may feel different for short bands. Aquarelle is a long medium resistance band, but it will feel more like its short light resistance counterpart. Both bands are great for all fitness levels, but in case anyone looking for a greater challenge then peep our next two bands...


Palma – Heavy Long Band

palma long heavy resistance band


Featuring the same design that will teleport you to paradise, but in a heavy resistance that will remind you that you’re actually working out. Palma is a long heavy resistance band designed to give your muscles a heavy challenge to work against to effectively build muscle and strength. Our favorite way to use Palma is by creating full body home circuits! You can literally use one band, Palma, to do a upper and lower body circuit that will have you feeling the burn!


Green Ombré – Extra Heavy Long Band

green ombre long extra heavy resistance band


Why stop at heavy? Give your muscles an even further challenge with our Green Ombré extra heavy long band! Expect your muscles to be fired up as they work through the extra heavy resistance because they’ll be working hard throughout the entire exercise. We suggest combining all three bands (medium, heavy, and extra heavy) to create full-body workouts whenever you’re on the go and don’t want to skip the gym! You can even us it in combination with HIIT workouts to get your heart rate pumping and muscles working!

Need exercise ideas for your home or gym workouts? Here are 20 of our favorite resistance band exercises you can try with Aquarelle, Palma, and Green Ombré!

Oh and one last thing about UPPPER bands… They are all buy two get the third half off! Complete a set of just short and long bands, or mix and match them, the choice is yours.

White/Green Barbell Pad

Want to maximize your lower body barbell workouts? Our White/Green Barbell Pad will be your best friend! All of our barbell pads are made from the same comfortable and durable material. Features an internal thick foam padding that is protected by a soft vegan leather and secures safely to any barbell with the velcro lining. The difference between this barbell pad and the others in our collection is that it comes in an exclusive white and green colorway that matches the nature vibes of our Summer 2021 Collection!

 Why would you use a barbell pad?

Two reasons – comfort and reducing the risk of injury. Hitting PRs on your hip thrusts might be a little difficult with a heavy barbell and no barbell pad. Continually adding weight will make the barbell very uncomfortable to the point it’ll cause bruising and prevent you from adding more weight even though you’re able to lift more! Not only that, but barbells can get slippery and move around, this is something you want to avoid if you’re squatting or hip thrusting. A barbell pad can help ease the pressure from the weight of the bar because it acts as a barrier between your body and the bar. Thus, helping to reduce the pain and any bruising from happening on your hips and upper back. It’s also strategically placed to add comfort and support in the area you need it most, and since it secured to the bar it will help keep it in place. This will improve your overall workout experience and help you hit records on your hip thrusts, glute bridges, squats and more!

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White/Green Lifting Belt

Whenever you need support on your heavy lifts – we got your back! Well, our White/Green Lifting Belt does! Made with a high-quality vegan leather that is designed to be breathable and resistant against abrasions (aka it won’t wear down fast). On the inside, you’ll find a little internal padding for comfort and support, and a double prong metal buckle to help keep it secure.

Why use a weightlifting belt in the first place?

It comes down to how the lifting belt is worn. They are worn around the waist essentially to provide a wall for your abs to push against to increase the intra-abdominal pressure. It basically acts as a second set of core muscles that help provide support for your spine to help stabilize it and prevent it from hyperextending, bending, or twisting. This will allow you to lifting heavier safely and reduce your risk of injury. 

Before you start using a lifting belt for all your lifts, its important to know when to use them. You don’t need them for every heavy compound lift, you only need them for when you’re performing maximal or submaximal lifts that cause the back to hyperextend. This includes exercises like deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, barbell rows, and barbell squats. 

We have three sizes available:

  • Small - 36.75" x 4" / 93cm x 10cm
  • Medium - 40.25" x 4" / 102cm x 10cm
  • Large - 44.5" x 4" / 113cm x 10cm

But to ensure that you’re getting the correct size and to create the best customer experience possible, we advise you to measure your waist! This will save you the trouble of having to contact us for an exchange, so you can start lifting heavy as soon as you get your belt. Here’s a size guide to help you find the best size for you: 

  • Small - Waist 23" - 29" / 58.5cm - 73.5cm
  • Medium - Waist 28" - 33" / 71cm - 84cm
  • Large - Waist 32" - 37" / 81cm - 94cm

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This is our dreamiest collection yet! So, if you're ready to enhance your workouts and lift heavier comfortably and safely in style then don't miss out on our new Summer 2021 Collection - available now!

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