Why You Should Start Jump Roping

Why You Should Start Jump Roping

by Evelyn Valdez

If you’re looking for a cardio exercise that you can do anywhere with minimal equipment and without taking up much space, then jump roping might be the one for you! You only need a jumping rope and a pair of comfy shoes, and you’re set.

You probably jumped rope as a kid because it was a fun way to pass the time, but because it requires non-stop physical activity, it's no wonder that it’s also a great way to build endurance and burn fat at the same time!

We’ll show you how to start jump roping for improved health and a more effective fitness journey as well as some variations that you can try. But first, let’s see why jump roping can be so beneficial for you…

Benefits of jump roping

When it comes to cardio activities, weight loss is the first thing to come to mind – and that also applies to jump roping!

Jump roping burns more calories than other cardio activities, such as running. A 150 lb person running for 10 minutes at a moderate intensity would burn around 125 calories, compared to approximately 140 calories burned jump roping. And without even having to leave your spot!

Besides being a great calorie burner as well as super accessible and convenient, here are some other benefits of jump roping:

  • Improves your balance and coordination
  • Boosts your lung capacity
  • Improves your bone, joint, and heart health
  • Helps maintain and strengthen muscle tissue

How to start jump roping

Jump roping can be fairly easy to learn, but to make the most out of it and maximize your gains, here are three tips so you can start jump roping the right way:

Make sure your equipment is right for you

As we mentioned earlier, to have a good jump roping workout you only need a jumping rope and a pair of comfortable training shoes. But just because it’s basic equipment doesn’t mean you can just pick any rope or any shoes.

You need to choose a rope length that matches your height so that you’re not brushing the rope against the floor every time you jump. Usually, using a rope that’s 3 feet taller than you is a good measure.

Additionally, jumping ropes also come in weighted varieties! At first, you might want to use a regular jumping rope to begin your journey, but later on, you can opt for a weighted rope that adds an extra challenge to your cardio session.

As for your shoes, if you’re an active person, chances are you have the perfect training pair already. For a better jumping experience, make sure they:

  • Are comfortable and the right size
  • Have enough support around your ankles and the arches of your feet
  • Don’t have an elevated heel
  • Are breathable and flexible enough

Don’t get ahead of yourself

Yes, jump roping is fun, and it’s pretty easy to get the hang of it at first – but mastering is a completely different thing!

Jump roping requires good balance and full-body coordination to be able to keep up with the constant jumping in place. Not only that, but it can get tiring pretty quickly! If you’re not used to jumping rope, don’t push yourself too hard and take it slow at first, focusing instead on mastering good jump roping form.

Here are a few form tips to keep in mind while you jump:

  • Keep your jumping distance 1-2 inches between your feet and the floor to keep things fast-paced and avoid wasting unnecessary energy
  • Rotate the rope with your wrists and not with your elbows or shoulders to keep the movement smooth and symmetrical
  • Keep a straight spine, your shoulders down and back, and your chest and chin up as you look forward
  • Make sure to bounce with the balls of your feet for an easier landing
  • Keep a slight bend on your knees with your feet close together to better absorb the impact of each landing

Pair it with other exercises

The best make way to maximize fat burning with jump roping is to pair it with other high-intensity exercises, such as a HIIT routine.

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a fast-paced training style that alternates between short bursts of intense exercise and brief recovery periods. The great thing about HIIT is that it promotes calorie burning even after you’re done working out, making it great for your fat-loss goals!

This method combines as many or as few exercises as you want, so you can pair jump roping with another form of cardio or add up to 8 cardio exercises and cycle between them. You can even create a HIIT routine with just different jump roping variations, which takes us to the next point…

Jump roping variations to try

There is no single way to jump the rope. Just like most exercises, whether it’s cardio or strength training, jump roping has a bunch of different variations that you can try to keep things varied!

Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Crossover

Cross your arms during one jump, then uncross them on the next jump, alternating each time. This will challenge your coordination as you cross and uncross your arms quickly between each jump.

  • Alternating feet

Land on one foot, then on the next jump land on the other, alternating your feet between each jump. You can also perform this alternating movement with high knees to increase the intensity of the exercise.

  • Slalom

Hop to the left on one jump, then hop to the right on the next one, constantly alternating sides without losing your balance. Make sure you’re not hopping too far out that the rope hits your legs.

  • Backward hop

Swing the rope front to back instead of back to front to challenge your balance and coordination, plus your spatial awareness and rhythm since you won’t be able to see the rope turning on your back.

  • Double hop

Jump twice every rope turn, meaning that you’ll jump when the rope passes your feet and then again when the rope passes your head, increasing the intensity.

  • Double under

Jump once every two rope turns, meaning that you’ll jump once as the rope quickly passes twice under your feet.

Add some fun to your workouts with jump roping

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, maintain or build muscle, improve your endurance, or simply develop greater balance and coordination, jump roping is a great way to achieve your goals! Just remember to choose the right equipment and to take it easy if you want a smooth fitness journey.

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