How to Assemble Your UPPPER Lever Belt

How to Assemble Your UPPPER Lever Belt

by Evelyn Valdez

There’s no better feeling than receiving a package from UPPPER! Now that you’ve opened your package and received your very own UPPPER Lever Belt, you may be wondering…”How do I assemble this?”

It’s easier than it may look, but either way, we’ll be guiding you with step-by-step instructions and images to ensure you assemble your weight lifting lever belt to the optimal setting. Plus, we’ll be giving you tips on how to properly take care of your belt!

So, grab your Lever Belt, screws, and handy screwdriver, and let’s get started!

How to assemble lever belt

1. Put the belt around your waist and measure your size with your finger

2. Hold your finger to the hole with your size

3. Pick up screws and prepare to place them in your belt

4. Attach the lever to your size on the belt

5. Align the lever to your size on the belt

6. Place your screws in the belt

7. Screw in the screws with a screwdriver

8. Make sure your screws are secure and flip over your belt

9. Place your belt on your waist and align the lever in the belt holes

10. Push down on the lever to secure your belt

11. You're ready for your workout!

How to take care of your lever lifting belt

Our Lever Belts and Double-Prong Lifting Belts are designed to last, but taking an extra step to take care of them properly will ensure that they are clean and last you through all your heavy weight lifting sessions!

Here are a few tips on how to clean a lifting belt and take care of it properly:

Hand-wash it 

Both our Lever and Double-Prong Belts are made with a microfiber leather exterior to help reduce the absorption of sweat. However, you should still hand-wash it regularly to avoid any build-up of bacteria.

To clean it, dip a cleaning cloth or rag into some soapy water and brush your belt with it, making sure you’re getting into every nook and cranny. Never soak the belt in the water!

Dry it quickly

Leaving your belt wet for a long time might cause it to shrink and crack, and the scorching sun will do this too. One of the best options is to dry it with a hair dryer on a low setting until it’s ready, making sure you’re drying it in a neutral position and not rolled or bent.

Choose proper storage

Extreme temperatures will cause your belt to get stiff with time, so make sure you’re storing it at room temperature. Additionally, don’t store your belt rolled up or bent. Instead, store it flat on a surface or hanging vertically – and keep it away from bad odors!

Use leather conditioner

One of the best ways to preserve a real or vegan leather lifting belt is to spray or brush it with some leather conditioner or moisturizer every once in a while. It helps prevent cracking with time and it also keeps your belt soft, making it easier for you to wear it without trouble.

You're ready to start hitting PRs

Now you have everything you need to assemble your UPPPER Lever Belt and care for it so you can level up in your training! 

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