New Releases: UPPPER Lever Belts

New Releases: UPPPER Lever Belts

by Evelyn Valdez

Your new favorite lifting belt is here – introducing UPPPER Lever Belts! Similar to our classic, customer-favorite UPPPER Lifting Belt except it features an easy fastener lever as opposed to a double prong, plus a few other tweaks.

They are beautifully designed to last, be supportive, and as always, stylish! We are so excited about this long awaited release, so let’s introduce you to our Lever Belts...

The design

UPPPER Lever Belts is designed with performance, durability, and style in mind. It’s a 10mm weightlifting lever belt that is 4 inches wide all around to give your back the amble support it needs for heavy weightlifting.

Just like our UPPPER Lifting Belts, it’s made with microfiber leather on the outer layer, but with one big difference… the inside features 2 layers of genuine leather. The layers of genuine leather make our lever-lifting belts rigid and durable yet flexible for maximal stability, support, and comfort. 

Now, let’s talk about the unique, stylish, effective lever. The lever on our belts has a pleasing-to-touch semi-matte finish that is printed with the UPPPER logo. It also will match the color of the belt for a nice and sleek look. Most importantly, they are designed to be easily fastened and removed in between your sets. You can easily push the lever in to tighten the belt and loosen it within seconds so you can breathe easily and rest before your next set.

Aside from allowing you to easily take off and fasten the lever, our Lever Belts provide optimal tightness and security. You screw the lever into your ideal fit so that it is tight enough and secured in place. Unscrew the lever whenever needed and adjust the belt to different tightness levels depending on the exercise you’re performing – you don’t have to just commit to one adjustment. For example, you may place the belt higher for squats to avoid the belt from digging into your hips which requires you to adjust the lever for a different fit. 


UPPPER Lever Belts retails for $120. The price differs from our double prong Lifting Belts because our Lever Belts are made from genuine leather opposed to microfiber vegan leather. They also contain a stylish, pleasing to touch lever and screws for secure attachment. 

Colors and sizes

Our Lever Lifting Belts come in our five most-loved colors: black, white, pink, baby blue, and lavender. So, you can easily match your belt to your UPPPER Lifting Straps, Wrist Wraps, and even Barbell Pads!

Just like our OG Lifting Belts, they are available in four sizes, ranging from Small to Extra Large. We highly recommend measuring your waist and looking at our size guide before placing your order. This will ensure you get the right size for optimal tightness.

To ensure you get the right size, take a look at our size guide:

Size Guide:

  • Small - Waist 25 - 30" / 63.5cm - 76cm
  • Medium - Waist 30 - 34" / 76cm - 86cm
  • Large - Waist 34 - 39" / 86cm - 99cm
  • XLarge -  Waist 39-44" / 99cm - 112cm

What are lever belts for?

Lever lifting belts, like ours, are designed to provide a rigid level of support to the areas that need it most when lifting heavy weights. They work similarly to regular prong lifting belts in that they stabilize and reduce stress on the spine and help increase intra-abdominal pressure. This helps you lift heavier weights for more reps safely, makes you more aware of your form, and provides a sense of confidence and security.

Use them for exercises like…

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Romanian deadlifts
  • Bent-over rows

How to adjust your UPPPER Lever Belt

As we mentioned earlier, a lever belt gives you the ability to get the perfect, tight fit by allowing you to screw the lever to your desired adjustment. But, how tight should your lever belt be? And how do you screw the lever in?

You want the lever belt to be tight around the waist, but still comfortable enough to breathe in. This is usually about a finger width of room between the belt and your torso. As for how to adjust the lever, here’s a step-by-step guide…

1. Put the belt around your waist and measure your size with your finger

2. Hold your finger to the hole with your size

3. Pick up screws and prepare to place them in your belt

4. Attach the lever to your size on the belt

5. Align the lever to your size on the belt

6. Place your screws in the belt

7. Screw in the screws with a screwdriver

8. Make sure your screws are secure and flip over your belt

9. Place your belt on your waist and align the lever in the belt holes

10. Push down on the lever to secure your belt

11. You're ready for your workout!



  • Im excited, buying this for a friend who liftssss

    Aleandra otero -
  • Yayyy! Im so excited !

    Gisselle Cienfuegos -
  • I have mostly everything but I have been waiting for a lever belt to come out!

    Shelby P -
  • I cannot wait! this is 2 days right before my birthday. Its perfect timing

    Ana Josey -

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